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Volume 2, Issue 5.

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Interview with Stephen J. Cannell
What does it take to make it to the top? Will the Internet change the way you watch your favorite TV shows? Emmy Award-winning producer/screenwriter and bestselling author Stephen J. Cannell shares his inspiring story of his amazing success in television and as the bestselling author of The Plan, Final Victim and, his latest book, King Con which received rave reviews and is soon to be a motion picture from MGM starring John Travolta. He also tells beginning writers what they must know to make it as a novelist or screenwriter in today's competitive market.

Interview with Dan Brown
Has technology erased our privacy? Does the government read your email? Listen in as we talk with author Dan Brown, author of the hot new thriller Digital Fortress (St. Martin's Press, 1998). Dan talks with us about the NSA, cryptography and how he came to write this popular techno-thriller which just went into its third printing.

Interview with Rebecca Forster
How do you research a legal thriller? Are women authors stereotyped in the publishing world? Finds out in this interview with bestselling novelist Rebecca Forster, author of the legal thrillers The Mentor and Keeping Counsel.

What's new on the bookshelves?
Visit our Book Review section to see what our reviewers have to say about the latest books. See our new reviews this month in these genres: children's books, mysteries, thrillers, general nonfiction, computers/web design, fantasy/SF and romances.

Point of View From My Point of View
British crime novelist Alex Keegan shares his advice on point of view. Should a beginner write in first person or third or both? See what Alex has to say.

Which will give you more prestige writing a book or selling a screenplay? Which will make you more money?
In "Book, or Script, or Both?", screenwriter, novelist and teacher Skip Press explains that the road to a successful writing career may depend on your flexibility. Are you limited in what you can write? Maybe you should consider Skip's alternative.

Using Poetry to Improve Your Writing
Looking to make your writing more interesting? Try adding some poetic imagery... Mika Teachout shows you how poetry concepts and images can make your fiction and non-fiction writing more interesting in her article, "Using Poetry to Improve Your Writing."

Search engine queries not bringing up the results you need?
Greg Knollenberg gets you started on your online research in his article, "Effective Use of Search Engines."

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