Striking Writers and Actors March Together on Hollywood Streets

Posted on September 14, 2023

Striking writers and actors marched through Hollywood together yesterday. Thousands of members of the WGA and SAG could be seen carrying signs.

The WGA strike is on day 136 and the SAG-AFTRA strike is on day 62. There has been little movement from the studios, represented by AMPTP. The WGA West summarized what has happened so far with AMPTP negotiations in a tweet.

  1. August 11: Initial counter offer from AMPTP
  2. August 15: WGA offers counterproposal
  3. August 22: AMPTP publicly releases unchanged offer from August 11, ignoring WGA's August 15 counterproposal entirely

The L.A. Solidarity March & Rally took striking members from Netflix studios at 1456 N Van Ness to Paramount at 5433 Melrose.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, some of the core strike issues include preserving the writers' room, streaming residuals and AI.

Look at the huge show of solidarity in this Fox 11 video. Actors Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jean Smart and Jon Cryer can be seen speaking at a rally at Paramount studios.

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