Writing Tools

Welcome to the writing tools section of Writers Write. Here you will find quick information about writing basics and information about the business end of writing and how online tools can help you.

Determining Word Count
How many words is your paper or short story? There are online tools can quickly give you the answer.

Typewriter Fonts, Sounds and Simulators
Find out to get the sound and feel of a typewriter with your desktop or laptop setup.

Deals for Writers
Find deals for writers on writing instruments, paper, journals and more.

Postage Tools
Get quick links to postage tools.

Grammar Checkers
Today's software is more advanced that yesterday's spell checkers. It can also provide grammar help.

How to Publish a Chapbook
Learn how to print your own chapbook with Microsoft Word and other tools.

I Write Like Analysis
Find out what famous author you write like with the I Write Like analysis tool.

University Writing Centers
University Writing Centers like the Purdue Owl cover many of the basic writing how-to questions you may have, especially if you have a paper to write.

Writing Links
Our large writing links section covering all aspects of writing.

Find Words That Rhyme
No more rhymes now, I mean it!

Fantasy Name Generators
Use an online name generator to come up with names for your characters.

Book Title Generators
Use an online tool to come up with a name for your book.

Writing Clipart
Need an image of a desk, pen or pencil? One of these resources may help you.

Online Cliche Finder
This helpful website offers a searchable database of thousands of cliches.

The Snowflake Method
A method for writing a novel that begins with a basic shape and builds with increasing complexity.