February 1998 Issue

The Internet Writing Journal
ISSN No. 1095-3973
Volume 2, Issue 2.

In This Issue:

Interview with Glenn Kleier
How did a successful entrepreneur turn into a successful author? Why is his new Millennium thriller stirring up so much controversy? First time novelist Glenn Kleier talks with us about his debut novel, The Last Day which has thrilled critics and readers alike. Glenn talks about his background, his method of writing and how he came up with the idea for one of the hottest books on the shelves today.

Interview with Stephanie Laurens
Why did a successful cancer researcher leave a great career to write romance novels? How do you write a great love scene? Australian author Stephanie Laurens set the romance field afire with her novel, Captain Jack's Woman which debuted to rave reviews and resulted in her being dubbed as a rising star in the romance genre. Stephanie chatted with us about her amazing career change, how she goes about writing those steamy love scenes and how her skills as a scientist helped her create romances that readers will cherish.

The Lazy Scholar's Guide to Writing a Term Paper
Come meet The Lazy Scholar, your guide to writing freshman and sophomore college term papers. Let the Lazy Scholar show you how to create a term paper efficiently and painlessly.

You've Finished Writing the Play: Now What? (Part I)
Troy M. Hughes talks you through getting your manuscript polished and ready to submit in this two part series that will help you get your play performed.

Tries Hard, Could Do Better or History of A Man "Born to be a Writer"
Popular British crime writer Alex Keegan reveals the rocky path he took to success, from having his poems used as an example of what not to do to being a successful mystery author. Struggling writers will find inspiration in this story of a man "born to be a writer".

Using the Internet to Crack the Greeting Card Market
Ever looked at a greeting card and said, "Hey, I could do that!"? Well, maybe you can. Greg Knollenberg tells you how the Web can help in his article, "Using the Internet to Crack the Greeting Card Market".

Book Reviews

Computers/Web Design

Java for Dummies by Aaron E. Walsh.
Perl 5 Interactive Course Certified Edition by Jon Orwant.
Visual J++ 1.1 Unleashed 2nd Edition by Bryan Morgan.
What Makes People Click? Advertising on the Web by Jim Sterne.


A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M. Miller,. Jr.
Someplace to be Flying by Charles De Lint.
St. Liebowitz and the Wild Horse Woman by Walter M. Miller,. Jr..


Dead In The Water by Stuart Woods.
Death Dines Out by Claudia Bishop.
Love Lies Bleeding by Susan Wittig Albert.
Murder Under Blue Skies by Willard Scott with Bill Crider.
Pray for Us Sinners by Philip Luber.
The Puzzled Heart by Amanda Cross.
Rough Justice by Lisa Scottoline.


Eat This Too! by Dom DeLuise.
Greta Garbo A Life Apart by Karen Swenson.
Lora Brody Plugged In by Lora Brody.
The Movie Guide edited by CineBooks.
The New Making of a Cook by Madeleine Kamman.
Rainbow -- A Star Studded Tribute to Judy Garland by Ethlie Ann Vare.


Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens.
A Magical Christmas by Heather Graham.
My Wicked Fantasy by Karen Ranney
A Tough Man's Woman by Deborah Camp.


Building Fiction by Jesse Lee Kercheval
The Elements of Mystery Fiction by William G. Tappley
Fast Fiction by Roberta Allen.
Preparing Your Manuscript by Elizabeth Preston
Write on Target by Dennis E. Hensley and Holly G. Miller.

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