Rainbow -- A Star Studded Tribute to Judy Garland Review

Rainbow -- A Star Studded Tribute to Judy Garland
by Ethlie Ann Varey
Boulevard, Jan., 1998.
Trade Paperback, 221 pages.
ISBN: 157297334X.
Ordering information: Amazon.com.

Rainbow -- A Star Studded Tribute to Judy Garland
by Ethlie Ann Varey

Editor Ethlie Ann Vare, best known as the music gossip on E! Entertainment Television's "The Gossip Show", has compiled a fascinating collection of journalism spanning the life of the legendary Judy Garland. Included are pieces ranging from the original production notes from The Wizard of Oz and the MGM press releases to interviews with Garland's friends and family. Over the Rainbow provides an interesting and sometimes poignant peek behind the scenes at the turbulent and often tragic life of Judy Garland.

Through interviews with the likes of Lorna Luft, Liza Minelli, and Noel Coward and numerous articles, including one by Judy Garland herself, Judy Garland's life unfolds. The diet battles, the failed romances, her struggle to survive in the legendary MGM studio system and her legendary comeback are all detailed through the eyes of her friends and family. A fascinating look at one of the twentieth century's greatest legends.

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