The New Making of a Cook Review

The New Making of a Cook
by Madeleine Kamman
William Morrow & Company, Nov., 1997.
Hardcover, 1228 pages.
ISBN: 0688152546.
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The New Making of a Cook Madeleine Kamman

Twenty-five years ago, world-famous chef and author Madeleine Kamman wrote her groundbreaking cookbook, The Making of A Cook, in which she advocated the revolutionary concept (at the time) of marrying the freshest American produce and ingredients with classic French cooking techniques. Madeleine Kamman has completely revised her classic work in this new edition to reflect the changes in the food world in the last twenty-five years such as the prevalence of heart-healthy eating and the introduction of more ethnic flavors. With updated recipes and discussions of modern day health concerns, The Making of A Cook is a massive and excellent resource which contains over 650 recipes and 200 instructional line drawings to illustrate the techniques taught. A new chapter on wine covers the production of wine, the types of wine and how to cook with and serve wine with food.

For all the scientific descriptions of ingredients and detailed technical illustrations, Kamman never loses sight of her goal: to teach the reader the technical skills necessary to cook delicious food. The recipes are carefully chosen to provide a wide range of styles of cooking. Novices through professional chefs will find The Making of A New Cook to be an indispensable tool which will be consulted time and time again.

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