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Java for Dummies (2nd Edition) by Aaron E. Walsh

IDG Books Worldwide, Oct., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0764501402
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Cover of Java for Dummies
by Aaron E. Walsh Java for Dummies is a reference book that tells you how to install Java applets and JavaScript in your webpages and where to find the best places to find Java applets and scripts on the Web. Rather then attempt to teach you all the code involved in coding and debugging Java, the book simply explains what Java is and how to get Java programs to work on your webpages by showing you how to install the code in HTML. The book comes with a CD which contains sample Java applets and scripts you can use, as well as sounds, images, tools and a guide to online Java software.

A useful book for the webpage amateur who wants a basic understanding of what Java is and how to use Java applets and scripts to obtain immediate results. The book is also an excellent guide to websites containing Java applets and scripts available for use in webpages.

Perl 5 Interactive Course: Certified Edition by Jon Orwant

Waite Group Press, Nov., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 860 pages.
ISBN: 1571691138
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Cover of Perl 5 Interactive Course: Certified Edition
by Jon Orwant This is an online course and resource as well as an instruction book on programming in Perl 5. The complete package is thorough and covers all aspects of programming in Perl 5. The companion "ezone" includes interactive quizzes and tests you take as you progress through the course. Coverage of the Perl language includes the basics (if statements, loops, arrays), regular expressions, files, Unix commands, subroutines, object-oriented programming, debugging, security, databases and much more. The enclosed CD-ROM includes all the source code addressed in the book.

The book alone is a great reference, however the biggest advantage is the interactive website where you test your progress through quizzes and exams. This is a great way to learn without having to actually attend a regular university. A recommended choice for the advanced beginner or intermediate level programmer seeking a knowledge of Perl 5.

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