Grammar Features

Here are some grammar-related features available on

Affect vs Effect - There is a verb and noun rule that will make determining the right word to use easy in most cases.

Grammar Check: Awhile or A While? - There is not a solid consensus on this issue.

Grey or Gray - It doesn't matter which spelling you use. They words have the same meaning.

Which or That - Learn when to use which or that in a sentence.

Who vs. Whom - Learn to solve this using the subject/object rule and the he/him he/him mnemonic.

Yea, Yeah, Yay, Yah and Yup. - Find out the meanings of this words.

Lay, Lie, Laid and Lain - The past tense of lie can get tricky.

Peek, Peak and Pique - Find out how to remember to spell these words correctly.

Using i.e. and e.g. - learn the meaning and usage rules for i.e. and e.g.

Write and Writing Synonyms - some interesting options include scribe, craft, indite and compose. We also have a page about book synonyms.

Italics and Titles Learn when to italicize book titles, magazine names, album titles and more.

'Tis the Season! - Discover the meaning of the holiday phrase and the 'tis contraction.

Whoa is Correct - Whoa is the correct spelling. "Woah" and "whoah" are wrong.

Find Words to Use Instead of Very - cure your very big overuse problem

Assure, Ensure and Insure - learn the differences in these commonly confused words.

Effective Writing For the Workplace - learn how to make effective use of passive voice and be precise

Onomatopoeias - learn more about these fun words that sound like what they mean

A Conversation with Barbara Wallraff: Barbara Wallraff discusses grammar issues, her column in The Altantic and her grammar advice book, Word Court.

Transition Words and Phrases: Learn more about transition words and how and when to use them.

A Conversation With Patricia T. O'Conner: Patricia T. O'Conner discusses editing, writing skills and her grammar book, Woe Is I.

For Fun: Word Crimes by Weird Al Yankovic: Weird Al Yankovic turns Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines into a rant about proper grammar

Automatically Correct Typos in MS Word: Michael L. Cope explains how to add your common mistakes to the AutoCorrect function in MS Word.

Website Should be One Word Not Two - In 2010 the AP Stylebook tweeted that "Web site" should now be written as "website."

Online vs On-line - Just like with "website" there is no need for the hyphen.

Common Writing Mistakes: Michael LaRocca shares some common writing mistakes and explains why they are incorrect.

Strong Verbs - Learn how using strong verbs can improve your writing.

Interview with Nancy C. Hanger - Nancy C. Hanger talks about getting her start as an editor and the importance of a copyeditor in publishing

E-mail Etiquette (Netiquette)
Learn the rules and unspoken conventions involved in sending email.

[sic] Meaning
Find our what [sic] means and how is it used.

Metaphors and Similes
Find out what metaphors and similes are and read examples from plays, poetry and songs.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves - read an excerpt from Lynne Truss's book detailing her zero tolerance approach to punctuation.