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Welcome to our specialty section for fiction writing! Here you'll find links to fiction markets, resources for fiction writers, research resources, articles and more.

Fiction Writing News
The latest fiction writing news from Writers Write.

Fiction Writing Articles
A list of our fiction writing articles covering writer's block, settings, writing myths, writing rules, research tips and more.

Fiction Markets
Find fiction writing markets in a variety of genres including fantasy, historical, horror, juvenile, literary, mystery, romance, science fiction, western and young adult.

Characters and Character Development
Find helpful resources and information about developing characters including character traits, character flaws, naming characters and more.

Fiction Writing Links
Don't miss our large collection of fiction writing links to research resources, organizations, genre resources, and more.

Tone and Tone Words
Learn about how a writers set the tone of a story and find lists of tone words.

Writing Prompts
Find writing prompts to help spark your creativity and break your writer's block.

Pen Names
Information about pen names and why authors use them.

Plot Generators
A collection of great plot generators to help you come up with story ideas.

Popular Fiction Book Genres and Subgenres List
This is a list of the main commercial fiction genres and the many subgenres.

Short Story Ideas
Discovery several ways and methods for coming up with story ideas.

Making Time for Writing
No more how busy you are you have to make time for writing in your busy schedule. Our readers told us how they find time to write.

Quotes About Writing
Read quotes from famous authors about writing. Some are serious and some are humorous, but they will all make you think.

Writing Memes
Take a break from writing with these fun writing memes.

Author's Tone as Theme Music Alex Keegan explain how the author can use tone as theme music from the opening of a story with examples from literature.

How Many Words
Find our how many words there are in a typical short story, novella or novel.

Writing Rules: The Ten and A Half Commandments of Writing
Learn the basic rules of writing, such as write stories that have a point and seduction not instruction.

Learn more about National Novel Writing Month and writing a fast 50,000 word novel.

How Many Words are in a Chapter?
Chapter length varies by author, genre and novel.

Denouement Explanation and Examples
Find out what a denouement is with examples from literature.

Metaphors and Similes
Find out more about metaphors and similes with examples from literature.

Strong Verbs Make Your Writing More Powerful
Find out how using strong verbs can help with pacing and make your fiction more interesting.

Famous Short Stories
Read our curated collection of classic short stories available online. See how the masters of the craft write.

Stephen King and His Creepy Muse
Do you need a strange creepy helper like Stephen King's muse?

Learn more about fanfiction and find fanfiction websites.

Learn more about the online horror fiction known as creepypasta.