Bear With Me

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"Bear with me" is an expression used in English when someone is asking another person or a group of people for patience. The correct spelling of the phrase is "bear with me." The word bare is a correctly spelled word but the phrase "bare with me" is incorrect.

Bear with me means to have patience with me. If someone asks you to bear with them they are asking you to have patience, while also acknowledging that the waiting is not easy.

Example Sentences: A similar phrase involving patience and time is "grin and bear it."

The word bear in these expressions is obviously not referring to the large mammal. It has to do with a different meaning of the word bear. The Merriam-Webster entry has "something difficult to do or deal with" as one of its definitions for bear and to "to accept or allow oneself to be subjected to especially without giving way" as another. Here are a couple sentence examples:
Here's a video explanation of "bear with me" from English Phrases with Liam.