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Industry Information
Links to sites containing information on the music business and major songwriting websites.

Songwriting Articles
Find dozens of helpful articles about writing and marketing your songs.

Find Words That Rhyme
Find words that rhyme to help you with your songwriting.

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Finding Song Lyrics
Finding song lyrics is easy thanks to some very useful free lyrics databases.

Lyric Generators
Learn about online tools that automatically generate songs.

Types of Rhymes
Learn about the different types of rhymes and rhyming schemes.

Paperback Writer by The Beatles
Find out how Paul McCartney came up with the song "Paperback Writer."

Songwriting Quotes
Read quotes from famous songwriters about the art of songwriting.

Songwriting Markets and Opportunities
Find music publishers, record labels, record companies and other songwriting market sources.

Anaphora, Assonance and Alliteration
Mary Dawson explains these three language devices in her Rhyme or Reason series.

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize for Literature
This was a big win for singer-songwriters.

Origins of Christmas Carols
Discover the origins of some of your favorite Christmas carols in this article.