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Welcome to our specialty section for poets amd poetry readers! Here you will find the latest poetry news. You will also find resources for poets, poetry publications, poetry literature links, poetry tools and other resources for poets.

John Yau Wins 2018 Jackson Poetry Prize
John Yau is the winner of the 2018 Jackson Poetry Prize. Yau is a poet, art critic and professor at Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts. The Jackson Poetry Prize is an annual $60,000 poetry prize given to an American poet by Poets & Writers. Read more...

Poetry News
The latest poetry news from Writers Write. Our poetry coverage includes poems in the news, famous poets, poet appointments, poetry awards and more.

Poetry Links
A collection of useful Poetry links including government resources, organizations, poetry sites and more.

Poetry Markets
Find paying and non-paying markets for your poems in our online guidelines database.

Poetry Literature Links
Links to resources online for classic poetry literature. This include online poetry collections, book resources, poetry e-zine lists and more.

Poetry Contests
Find poetry contests that are open to poetry manuscript submissions.

Poetry Twitter
Follow our Poetry Twitter, @wwpoetry, for the latest Poetry news.

Types of Poetry
Learn about the many different types of poetry.

Types of Rhymes
Learn about the different types of rhymes and rhyming schemes.

Find Words That Rhyme
Find words that rhyme to help you with your rhyming poetry.

Poems for Kids
Read our collection of great poems for kids from renowned poets.

Read our curated collections of famous poems and quotes by category: Birds | Cats | Christmas | Creepy | Dogs | Death | Fall | Flowers | Love | Moon | Ocean | Rain | Spring | Summer | Sunshine | Stars | Time | Trees | War | Winter

U.S. Poet Laureates
A list of U.S. Poet Laureates from 1937 to today.

Poetry Prompts
A list of poetry prompts to inspire you and resources where you can find more thought provoking prompts.

Quotes About Poetry
Read quotes from famous poets about creating poetry and about what poetry is.

How to Publish a Chapbook
Learn how to print your own poetry chapbook at home.

Metaphors and Similes
Find out more about metaphors and similes with examples from classic poems.

Reddit Poetry Resources
Reddit has many subreddits that can be used to discuss or share poetry.

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