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Joss Whedon Exits Batgirl Over Lack of a Story
Joss Whedon is exiting the Batgirl film project at Warner Bros. His exit comes nearly a year after he took on the project last March. Whedon was going to be writer/director of a film about Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. Read more...

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The Stephen J. Cannell Online Writing Seminar
No one knows how to create a successful television series or a bestselling novel like Stephen J. Cannell, the Emmy award-winning producer/creator of over 35 television shows and the bestselling author of five novels. Now you can have access to the seminar lecture, materials and writing exercises, free of charge.

Chekhov's Gun
Find out about how Anton Chekhov's gun is used in TV and film.

Find out how Alfred Hitchcock's MacGuffins are used in TV and film.

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Find out what a logline is and how to write one.

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