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Stephen Colbert is an actor, comic, author and late-night host. He currently hosts the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. Previously, he was the host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. He also had an impact on the English language with his "truthiness" term and "The Word" segment from the Colbert Report.

Here is the latest Stephen Colbert news from Writers Write:

  • George Saunders Reads Stephen Colbert a Christmas Bedtime Story (2015-12-11): George Saunders wrote a short story just for Stephen Colbert. He read the Christmas story aloud to Stephen.

  • Jonathan Franzen Reads Stephen Colbert a Terrifying Bedtime Story (2015-10-29): Jonathan Franzen read a bedtime story to Stephen Colbert. It was all about giant online bookstore that gobbled up independents. Now who could the Wolf be?

  • Stephen King Discusses Being Awarded National Medal of the Arts (2015-09-14): Stephen King was awarded the National Medal of the Arts by President Obama. He wore the medal during an interview with Stephen Colbert.

  • Ann Druyan and Steven Soter Win Emmy for Writing Cosmos (2014-08-17): Ann Druyan and Steven Soter picked up an Emmy for writing the reboot of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Stephen Colbert's writing team also won an Emmy.

  • Dan Brown Talks Inferno With Stephen Colbert (2013-05-21): Dan Brown discusses his book Inferno on The Colbert Report. Stephen makes anagrams out of Dan's name.

  • Stephen Colbert and Carey Mulligan Get Intellectual and Discuss The Great Gatsby (2013-05-11): Carey Mulligan admits a dark secret to Stephen Colbert -- she can't read and has no idea what The Great Gatsby is about. But LeVar Burton is there to help.

  • Stephen Colbert Explains How His Children's Book Ended Up on the Nonfiction Bestseller Lists (2012-06-04): Stephen Colbert is now a children's author.

  • Stephen Colbert Talks to Author Maurice Sendak (2012-01-25): Stephen Colbert sat down for an interesting conversation with Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are.

  • Neil Gaiman Visits The Colbert Report (2009-03-22): Stephen Colbert invited Neil to be on the program to defend his children's book The Graveyard Book, which begins with a knife in the dark.