Book Synonyms

Does the English language need another word for book? Book a great a word. It is short word that does not have any exact synonyms. There are different types of books that are listed as synonyms on the online synonym dictionaries. Some of the closest synonyms you might encounter include text, edition, hardcover, paperback, novel or work.

These are book synonyms but there is not a synonym for book that covers everything the word book covers. Stone is a great synonym for rock. Book doesn't have a synonym that is this great. Text or edition are probably the best synonyms available but they don't work well if you talking about a novel.

Use of tome as synonym for book

You can find book synonyms at Word Hippo, and

Here are some of the synonyms available for book with some explanations of why they are not perfect. On a related note, we also have a report on write and writing synonyms.