January 1998 Issue

The Internet Writing Journal
ISSN No. 1095-3973
Volume 2, Issue 1.

In This Issue:

Interview with Margaret Chittenden
What does it take to become a bestselling romance and mystery author? What are the most disturbing trends in the publishing industry today? Popular romance and mystery novelist Margaret "Meg" Chittenden shares her thoughts with us about writing in different genres, the worst mistakes beginning writers make, her latest book Dead Men Don't Dance and how she created her popular new mystery series starring amateur sleuth Charlie Plato.

Interview with Dale Furutani
What is it like to be the first Asian American to win a major mystery award? How do you juggle a successful business career with a love of writing? Come listen in on our chat with Dale Furutani, whose first mystery novel, Death in Little Tokyo was nominated for an Agatha award and won a Macavity and Anthony award as Best First Mystery Novel. Dale talked to us about the prejudice he encountered growing up as an Asian American when the memory of World War II was still alive in the U.S., and how he came to achieve both corporate and artistic success.

Playbill: An Inside Look
What are the hottest tickets on Broadway today? Will more shows be hitting the road in 1998? Come hear what Robert Viagas, the Managing Editor of Playbill On-Line has to say about the theatre today and what it's like to manage the preeminent theatre site on the Web.

Dialogue -- A Few Sins and a Sinner
Popular British crime novelist Alex Keegan lets us in on his methods for writing interesting, believable dialogue -- a crucial skill every writer must learn.

How to Make Money in Technical Writing
Peter Kent, author of the bestselling Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet (Que) and Making Money in Technical Writing (MacMillan Publishing) shares his secrets for breaking into this lucrative field.

Why Young Writers Need to Enjoy Shakespeare
Frustrated by your children's lack of good writing skills? Looking for something to give them an edge later in life? Montessori teacher Sarah Reaves White reveals how and why children should be taught Shakespeare -- before they reach high school.

Turn Time Wasters into Articles
There's nothing a freelance writer hates more than interruptions, right? Freelance writer Bridget Becker gives tips on how you can use everyday interruptions and irritations to further your career in her article "Turn Time Wasters into Articles".

Book Reviews

Computers/Web Design

Object-Oriented Programming in Java by Stephen Gilbert and Bill McCarty.
Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 hours by Dick Oliver and Molly Holzschlag.
Using Dynamic HTML by David Gulbransen & Kenrick Rawlings.
Web Animation for Dummies by Renée LeWinter & Cynthia L. Baron.
Web Authoring Desk Reference by Hayden Books.


Four & Twenty Blackbirds by Mercedes Lackey.
Polgara by David and Leigh Eddings.
The Wizards of Odd by Peter Haining.


Cat In A Golden Garland by Carole Nelson Douglas.
Charm City by Laura Lippman.
The Death of an Irish Sea Wolf by Bartholomew Gill.
The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Carol Lea Benjamin.
The Last Day by Glenn Kleier.
The Perfidious Parrot by Janwillem Van De Wetering.
Reign in Hell by William Diehl.
The Tattoo Murder Case by Akimitsu Takagi.


Le Cordon Bleu -- Complete Cooking Techniques by Jeni Wright & Eric Treuille.
The Party: A Guide to Adventurous Entertaining by Sally Quinn.
Videohound's Independent Film Guide by Monica Sullivan.
Webster's New World Dictionary of Media & Communications by Richard Weiner.


Mountain Bride by Susan Sawyer.
Murder While I Smile by Joan Smith.
Violets in the Snow by Patricia Grasso.


Making Money in Technical Writing by Peter Kent
Murder One: A Writer's Guide to Homicide by Mauro V. Coravasce & joseph R. Paglino.
Missing Persons: A Writer's Guide to Finding the Lost, the Abducted and the Escaped by Fay Farno.
Poet's Market Edited by Chantelle Bentley.

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