The Wizards of Odd Review

The Wizards of Odd: Comic Tales of Fantasy
Edited by Peter Haining
Ace Books, Nov., 1997.
Paperback, 368 pages.
ISBN: 0441004873.
Ordering information:

Cover of The Wizards of Odd Edited by Pater Haining

The Wizards of Odd is a collection of unusual "short short" stories in the comic fantasy and science fiction genre. The collection includes well-known authors including Douglas Adams, Terry Hatcher, Ray Bradbury, Issac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. Each story also includes a complete bio of the author that includes books and stories they have written. Stories include a tale of a fearless brontosaurus hunter, a tale of the future where people volunteer to die and an amusing tale of the abduction of an earthman by a UFO and the unexpected consequences.

This "short story" collection will definitely please lovers of the humorous fantasy genre. It also serves as an introduction to the genre to those who have until now only read more serious works of fantasy and science fiction. Very entertaining.

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