Object-Oriented Programming in Java Review

Object-Oriented Programming in Java
Stephen Gilbert and Bill McCarty
Waite Group Press, Aug., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 800 pages.
ISBN: 1571690867
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Cover of Object-Oriented Programming in Java by Stephen Gilbert and Bill McCarty

This authoritative guide to Java programming leads you through the language from the beginnings of what Java is to building complex Java programs and using them in your webpages. The book explains how to code in Java, how to test and debug your code and compile Java programs as well as how to incorporate the Java routines into your HTML code by using Java applets. The book looks at programming from an object perspective and teaches you how to incorporate tools of the language such as arrays, repeating and nesting loops, Java classes and the Abstract Window Toolkit to create effective programs that involve files, databases, graphics and sound. Each concept is explained in detail; the authors uses pictures and examples of code in the book and in the included CD-ROM to illustrate. The CD-ROM also displays results of the coding described in the books in HTML format which you can view with your browser.

This an excellent learning tool for those seeking to pick up this exciting language. Recommend for those with at least some prior programming experience in HTML, the book provides a complete guide to Java programming.

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