Web Authoring Desk Reference by Hayden Books Review

Hayden Books, Sept., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 883 pages.
ISBN: 1568303521
Ordering information:

Cover of Web Authoring Desk Reference by Hayden Books

This is a unique reference book in that its main pages consist of highlights and how-to about web code that is listed alphabetically by the name of the HTML tag or web command. For example, if you are looking for information about the IMG, TABLE or MARQUEE commands you simply turn to that section of the book like you would in a dictionary or encyclopedia. The commands listed include HTML tags as well as commands for Javascript, VBscript and Style Sheets. The listings for each command include in-depth descriptions, how to apply the command in your web documents, helpful tables which clearly indicate browser compatibility (Netscape or Internet Exporer) and the commands' compatibility with PCs and Macs. Other useful areas of the book include explanations of different web programming languages, an enlightening section on Web Design for Web TV and a large listing of colors with Hexadecimal values.

The Web Authoring Desk Reference will benefit any level of programmer. While it will not serve as a beginning "first" book, it can serve as a resource to go along with a first book. This is the perfect book for quickly looking up an HTML tag or Javascript command.

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