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Chinese Authorities Admit They Imprisoned Missing Hong Kong Booksellers

The Hong Kong bookselling world has been rocked by the mysterious disappearance of five booksellers who are all associated with Mighty Current Publishing and its retail division, Causeway Bay Books. Suspicion immediately fell on mainland China because the booksellers refused censorship of the books they sold. The booksellers sell nonfiction works which are quite critical of the Chinese government. Some of the works detail scandals and alleged illegalities of high government officials. Read more... February 6, 2016

Octavia Butler's Inspiring Plan to be a Bestselling Author

The Huntington Library is celebrating the literary legacy of Ocatvia E. Butler. After Ms. Butler's untimely death in 2006 at the age of 58, her papers were left to the Library where they have been sorted, edited and archived. For the next year, Ms. Butler's legacy will be celebrated with various events and exhibitions. Read more... February 4, 2016

The Books Everyone Lies About Having Read

The BBC took a poll to see which books people lied about having read. The BBC often turns classic literature into miniseries, which are quite popular. The Telegraph reports that many people lie about having read the book that was the basis of a movie or television series so they can join in the conversation and appear intelligent. So what is the top book that people lie about reading? It's Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, which we find mind-boggling. Read more... February 3, 2016

Amazon to Launch Hundreds of Physical Bookstores

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch hundreds of bricks-and-mortar bookstores. The new plans are described in a Wall Street Journal story. Read more... February 2, 2016

Flatiron Books Expands Into Young Adult Titles

Flatiron Books has been quite a successful nonfiction imprint for Macmillan. It entered the market with a bang, publishing What I Know For Sure, a collection of essays by Oprah Winfrey that ran in O magazine. Now Flatiron is expanding its horizons: it is entering the Young Adult market. Sarah Dotts Barley will head the new venture. Read more... January 29, 2016

Study Finds Mathematical Structure in Great Literature

A new study reveals that the world's greatest literature is actually math based. Using advanced statistical techniques scientists from Poland's Institute of Nuclear Physics studied 100 works of classic literature using advanced statistical techniques. They discovered that the works that have stood the test of time are actually fractals, an ideal mathematical pattern found in nature. Some are actually multifractals. Read more... January 28, 2016

Egypt Jails Female Poet Fatima Naoot for Insulting Islam

Poet, author and former parliamentary candidate Fatima Naoot has been sentenced to three years in jail by an Egyptian court for the crime of insulting Islam. Ms. Naoot was arrested for writing a Facebook post in which she criticized the mass slaughter of animals during the religious festival of Eid al-Adha. Reuters reports that in the post she condemned the mass animal killing as a "massacre committed by human beings". Read more... January 27, 2016

Douglas Preston Hosts Panel to Discuss How Evil Amazon.com Is

Authors United, founded by novelist Douglas Preston, is no fan of Amazon.com. The group has been vocal in its criticism of the online retailer, which it accuses of being a monopoly which is a threat to authors and the very fabric of American life. The group is moving forward with its plan to destroy Amazon. Its leaders had a meeting with the Justice Department to try to convince the U.S. government to go after Amazon. Read more... January 21, 2016

Big Bang Theory Producers Sued for Copyright Infringement of Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Song

CBS is being sued for copyright infringement over the use of a poem written 80 years ago by Edith Newlin which begins "Soft kitty, warm kitty." If you are a Big Bang Theory fan you immediately recognize the lyrics to Dr. Sheldon Cooper's (Jim Parsons) favorite song that his mother would sing to him whenever he got sick.The show has been using the song since March, 2008, but according to a lawsuit filed by Ms. Newlin's daughters, Ellen Newlin Chase and Margaret Chase Perry, neither CBS or the various production companies ever received permission to use them. Read more... January 5, 2016

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