Journaling: Keeping a Writing Journal or Diary

Welcome to the journaling section of The Internet Writing Journal on Writers Write. There are many types of journals (or diaries) and many reasons for keeping one. There are diaries, writing journals, poetry travel journals, dream journals, scrapbooks, brainstorming journals, health jorunals and more. The Internet introduced a new form of journaling called blogging but the concept behind keeping a journal has not changed. Through a journal the writer records daily activities or daily thoughts.

Journals can be kept in a leather bound journal, in a locked diary, on your computer on Word, on a notepad, on index cards or anyway the writer wants. Some people even use a calendar as type of journal. It is your journal so it is up to you how you access, update and store it. Some people also keep journals because it is known to have a therapeutic benefit. Below are some resources to help you get started on your journal:

Journal Prompts: Need an idea to inspire you or motivate you to get creative? Then visit our journal prompts page. Our writing prompts section may also help. This section also contains links to more prompts resources as well as a large collection of poetry prompts.

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Blogging: Blogging is an online form of journaling that exploded in popularity several years and eventually led to the rise of social media. You can find out much more about blogging in our blogging section.

Grammar and Style: Grammar and style are important even if you are sure no one will ever read any passages from your secret journal. It is important to keep up good habits that will translate over when you are writing something you expect others to read.

The Writer's Secret Weapon: a Diary: Writer Nick DiSpoldo explains how keeping a diary can help you learn to write.

Motivate Yourself to Write Daily with 750 Words: 750 Words is a site designed to help motivate you to write at least 750 words a day.

Author Blogs: Visit the author blogs section to see how some bestselling authors are making use of the social media platforms. You can also find a list of authors on Twitter.

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