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Volume 2, Issue 4.

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Interview with G. Wayne Miller
What's it like to go behind the scenes of the largest toy company in the world? Is it really as viciously competitive an industry as the computer software industry? Award-winning journalist and author G. Wayne Miller talks to us about his immersion reporting experience at Hasbro that provided the background for his hot new corporate exposé of the toy industry, Toy Wars (Times Books, 1998). You'll never look at G.I. Joe or Barbie the same way...

Interview with Evelyn Coleman
Why does an acclaimed children's author turn her hand to writing thrillers? What challenges does an African American female face writing in a genre that is traditionally dominated by white males? Listen in as we chat with journalist and author Evelyn Coleman, whose exciting new thriller What A Woman's Gotta Do (Simon & Schuster, 1998) has critics and fans buzzing. Evelyn shares her thoughts about her change in careers, her new book and gives some helpful hints to aspiring writers.

Interview with Douglas Cooper
Has modern architecture failed in its mission? Are the Internet and new media the new frontier for artists and writers? Be sure not to miss our conversation with Douglas Cooper, author of the critically acclaimed novel Amnesia and the compelling and chilling new novel Delirium (Hyperion, 1998), which was first serialized on the Internet by Time Warner. Doug has some fascinating insights on the state of modern architecture, the Internet as an outlet for artists and writers and what aspiring literary novelists should avoid at all costs.

An Inside Look At....Atlantic Unbound
This month's Inside Look feature spotlights Atlantic Unbound, the popular online incarnation of The Atlantic Monthly. Listen in as we chat with Wen Stephenson, the Editorial Director for New Media at The Atlantic Monthly. Wen gives us the lowdown on what it takes to create the Internet version of one of America's most respected and popular magazines -- and how writers can improve their chances of seeing their work published there.

What's new on the bookshelves?
Visit our Book Review section to see what our reviewers have to say about the latest books. See our new reviews this month in these genres: children's books, mysteries, thrillers, general nonfiction, computers/web design, fantasy/SF, romance, westerns and, of course, all the latest writing books.

How to Write A Query Letter That Sells
British crime novelist Alex Keegan shares his tips for writing a query letter that will get the attention of an agent or editor and get your work published.

Having trouble getting inspired to write that magazine article or novel? How do you find great ideas?
In the second installment of his two part article, "Where Do You Get Your Ideas...?", Michael A. Banks, prolific and successful author of over 30 popular books in genres ranging from science fiction to computers to writing, shows how to develop the ideas you have into multiple saleable articles or stories.

How Do You Monitor Your Submissions?
Greg Knollenberg shows you how to track your submissions, efficiently and painlessly in his article, "Tracking Your Submissions."

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