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1998 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market Edited by Alice P. Buening

Writer's Digest Books, Jan.,, 1998.
Trade Paperback, 389 pages.
ISBN: 0898798191.
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1998 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market
Edited by Alice P. Buening This market guide for writers and illustrators looking to sell their work covers multiple aspects of children's publishing including books, magazines, electronic publishing, audio tapes, plays, greeting cards and other categories. The listings cover markets for children of all ages. In addition to general market information such as addresses and emails, circulation, and types of material published, each listing also includes information for both illustrators and writers. For example, the listings include the editor for manuscript acquisitions and the editor for art acquisitions. Each listing also includes submission and payment details for both illustrators and writers. In addition to the market listings, the book also includes articles and interviews which include tips on making sales, an analysis of the business for writers and illustrators and an article by the book's editor, Alice P. Buening, on how to promote your work by making school appearances.

1998 Children's Writer Market and Illustrator's Market offers an impressive collection of market listings of various types and articles on the business end of children's publishing. The market listings in the book are easily referenced through category, subject and age-level indexes. If you want to be the next Judy Blume or Dr. Seuss, this book can help you begin your journey.

How To Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen

Writer's Digest Books, Sep., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 206 pages.
ISBN: 0898797713
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How To Write a Book Proposal
by Michael Larsen An important step on the path to getting your novel published has been made easier by author and literary agent, Michael Larsen. Larsen shows you how to create an effective book proposal package and what you need to have in your proposal to get the attention of an agent or editor. Coverage includes creating an effective title, subsidiary rights, promotion plans, writing the outline and sample chapters. Three sample proposals are also included in the book. The book is full of hot tips, symbolized with a lightning bolt, which include helpful advice such as, "Unless you have a complete draft of the manuscript or a self-published book, always use the future tense when you refer to your book since it doesn't exist yet," and "Editors aren't impressed by small or poorly produced periodicals, which may be where a writer's early work appears. Like everything else in the proposal, the clips you submit must impress jaded New York editors. Use your judgement, but when in doubt, leave it out."

This no-nonsense guide to writing a book proposal is just what the beginner needs to figure out how to submit his or her first manuscript idea. An excellent tool for writers with great advice on every page.

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