Indiscretion by Margaret Allison Review

Pocket Books, July, 1996.
Paperback, 326 pages.
ISBN: 0671563289.
Ordering information:

Cover of Indiscretion by Margaret Allison

An old college friend of Katherine Wells convinces her to move to Baltimore and submit her resume to a well- known manufacturing giant, Benson. After arriving in town, she meets a handsome stranger in a pub; unbeknownst to her it's her future boss, Michael Benson.

She discovers the identity of her new boss just after taking up her duties as the new marketing director. Mortified, she hopes that he won't recognize her. Because he is the head of a respected family firm and very professional, he ignores the fact that they had met before and carries on with business as usual. However, the chemistry between them is irresistible and he is drawn to her as much as she is drawn to him. When a corporate crisis threatens his empire, they are driven apart by interfering business associates, jealous family members and vicious rumors. Together, they learn to communicate openly -- and realize that there is more to life than just business.

Margaret is a quick-witted, wonderful writer. Indiscretion is a fast-paced book full of intrigue, romance and an inside look at the life of a corporate giant which will keep readers spellbound to the very end.

--Barbara Paschall Averitt

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