Wake Up, Goodnight Review

Wake Up, Goodnight
by Charlotte Zolotow, artist Pamela Paparone
Harper Growing Tree, Feb., 1998.
Storybook, 10 pages.
Ages: 1 and up.
ISBN: 0694010324.
Ordering information: Amazon.com

Cover of Wake Up, Goodnight by Charlotte Zolotow, artist Pamela Paparone

Surprise! Two books in one! The dual sides, which involve turning the book around, will fascinate your child. You can start from either side depending on the time of day or your child's mood and enjoy a delightful story by one of the most respected children's authors, Charlotte Zolotow. On one side, different animals are vividly portrayed going through the everyday rounds of waking up like getting out of bed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast and going out to play. Although the text is simple, it cheerfully calls for baby to wake up! When it's time for bed, just turn the book over for a soothing bedtime story. Mama Bear is cuddled up with Baby Bear reading a story. Bunking bunnies listen to the whisper of the trees and a kitty holds her doll as shooting stars and a crescent moon shine overhead. Finally, all the baby animals are peacefully asleep in their own houses as the book ends with a simple "goodnight." Whether waking up or going to sleep, the mood is appropriately set for your child's favorite and comforting routines.

-- Nancy Littlejohn

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