AOL Closes AOL Journals; Sends Users to Blogger

Posted on October 14, 2008

AOL is closing its AOL Journals and Hometown services. Users with journals at the AOL Journals website will have until October 31st to transfer their content elsewhere or to download a copy of it on their computer.

The message on AOL's People Connnection Blog is different than an email that was sent to users. This email talks about AOL Journal users transferring their online journals to Blogger. It provides AOL Journal users with a special link that aims to make it easy to transfer an AOL journal to Bloggger.

You can read the email on CNet.

Part of the email says, "Blogger supports most of the features you've come to expect from AOL Journals, and it's easy to get started. If you wish to transfer your journal to Blogger, they will move your posts, comments and photos to your new blog on their service."

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