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Here are the latest posts about AOL on Writers Write:

  • Yahoo and AOL to Become Oath After Verizon Combines Iconic Web Brands (2017-04-04): Verizon will combine Yahoo and AOL into a company called Oath following the Yahoo acquisition deal.

  • AOL is Closing Joystiq and TUAW (2015-01-30): AOL is closing Joystiq and TUAW as part of a reorganization of its many sites.

  • AOL Finds Partner to Run Patch Local News Service (2014-01-17): AOL has found a partner, Hale Global, to run Patch, its local news service. The deal was announced January 15.

  • The Huffington Yaolhoost? AOL and Yahoo Discussing Merger Deal (2011-09-09): Bloomberg is reporting that AOL and Yahoo are in talks for a possible merger following Yahoo's firing for its CEO Carol Bartz.

  • AOL Launches Editions for iPad (2011-08-06): AOL has launched Editions, which it describes as a free daily magazine for the iPad.

  • AOL's Patch Local News Service Nears 7 Million Views (2011-06-06): Online Media Daily reports that AOL's Patch.

  • AOL Launches 100th Patch Site (2010-08-20): AOL has launched its 100th Patch site, Morristown Patch.

  • AOL Using Thousands of Writers for Online Content Creation (2010-05-26): AOL has transformed from a software company to a content company.

  • AOL Applauds Its Own Blog Success (2008-10-23): AOL has released a press release applauding their blog success on the third anniversary of the Weblogs Inc.

  • AOL Closes AOL Journals; Sends Users to Blogger (2008-10-14): AOL is shutting down its AOL Journals and Hometown services. AOL is providing AOL Journal users with a special link to move their journal to Google's Blogger service.

  • AOL Buys Bebo for $850 Million (2008-03-13): AOL has purchased the Bebo social network for $850 million.

  • AOL Launches AIM Widget for Blogs and Websites (2007-06-30): AOL has launched a new widget that will allow bloggers and website owners to interact with their users.

  • Jason Calacanis Leaves AOL (2006-11-16): Jason Calacanis is leaving AOL. He was the founder of Weblogs, Inc. which was sold to AOL in 2005.

  • AOL Launches Political Blog Network (2006-10-17): Add another one to the growing list of blogs launching to cover the midterm elections.

  • AOL Launches Sports Blog Network (2006-08-29): AOL is launching a network of sports blogs despite the fact that sports doesn't have any endemic advertisers.

  • AOL Searcher No. 4417749 (2006-08-08): AOL's accidental unleashing of hundreds of thousands of AOL customer's private searches has already resulted in the discovery of at least one specific person.

  • AOL Releases Tons of Personal Search Data (2006-08-07): What are they thinking at AOL corporate headquarters? Over the weekend AOL placed an enormous amount of private customer search history onto the Internet.

  • Time Warner Launches AOL Video (2006-08-01): AOL has a launched the video service they alluded to earlier this year.

  • AOL Launches Video Site to Compete With MySpace and YouTube (2006-05-16): AOL has made a beta launch of UnCut Video, a new video sharing service.

  • MySpace and AOL Battle Intensifies (2006-05-09): We raised this question before but it now looks like MySpace is really going to make an attempt at being an AOL IM Killer.