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Here are the latest posts about Blogger on Writers Write:

  • Google to Ban Most Nude Imagery on Blogger (2015-02-24): Google has announced a change to its adult content policy for Blogger. Sexually explicit and graphic nudity is now banned on public Blogger blogs.

  • AOL Closes AOL Journals; Sends Users to Blogger (2008-10-14): AOL is shutting down its AOL Journals and Hometown services. AOL is providing AOL Journal users with a special link to move their journal to Google's Blogger service.

  • Google Apologizes For Marking Users As Spam (2008-08-04): Google's Blogger.

  • Blogger Returns After Strange Error (2008-01-17): Blogger blogs returned online earlier today after a major two-hour outage.

  • Blogger Spammed With Malware Links (2007-08-30): A BBC article says hungreds of Blogger blogs have been spammed with short posts containing a link to booby-trapped downloads that can be used to take over a Windows PC.

  • Blogger Adds Video Uploads Feature (2007-08-24): InfoWorld has an article that discusses Google's latest round of Blogger bugs.

  • Google Pimps Blogger in Search Results (2006-12-20): Want to Share Your Life Online With a Blog? is the question Google is asking to promote its Blogger service in Google search results.

  • Blogger Apologizes for Recent Outages (2006-10-27): The Blogger Buzz blog has written a novel in response to the ongoing outage problems at Blogger.

  • Google Upgrades Blogger With New Layout and Privacy Tools (2006-08-15): Google has upgraded its Blogger service. The new features include new layout editing tools and privacy tools.

  • Blogger Fixing an Unexpected Problem (2006-06-08): Google's Blogger service is currently down for maintenance as they repair an unexpected problem.

  • InfoWorld Warns People About Free Blogging Sites (2006-05-16): InfoWorld has an article telling people to be wary of the free blogging tools.

  • Google's Blogger Staff Beats and Humiliates Bad Router (2006-03-20): Google's Blogger service has beaten a bad router as an example and a warning to other potentially malfunctioning hardware.

  • Deleted Blogger Photos Can Still Be Found (2006-02-28): Be careful what you upload is a good philosophy when you are using any free homepage maker or blogging tool.

  • BlogSpot and Problems (2006-02-04): BlogSpot.

  • Google: No Blogger Service for China (2006-01-25): The AP reports that Google will be providing search services in China at the .

  • Nonsense Word Blogspot Referrer Spam (2005-12-30): Apparently sploggers using BlogSpot aren't even bothering to be creative anymore.

  • Blogger Launches Blogger for Word (2005-08-19): Blogger has announced a new publishing tool called Blogger for Word, a free add-on that converts Microsoft Word documents into a blog post.

  • Blogger and Reporter Steven Vincent Murdered in Iraq (2005-08-05): The National Review reports that blogger and journalist Steven Vincent was murdered in Iraq when he and his Iraqi translator, Nour Weidi, were kidnapped.

  • Bloggers Complaining About Google's Service (2005-04-08): Many bloggers using Google's Blogger service are unhappy with the service.

  • Blogger Launches Blogger Buzz Blog (2005-03-18): Blogger now has a blog called Blogger Buzz, with a loud but interesting logo that looks like it belongs on a detergent bottle.