Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog For Real This Time

Posted on January 8, 2007

A couple months ago there was a rumor that Yahoo had purchased MyBlogLog for about $10 million. It turned out to be not true. Now reports that Yahoo has purchased MyBlogLog for real. Yahoo has confirmed it but won't say what they paid for it. MyBlogLog helps add social networking and community features to blogs. It also provides blog statistics. The Forbes story says Yahoo spent about $10 million for Mybloglog.

Yahoo is not saying what it paid for Mybloglog, but knowledgeable sources said it cost a little over $10 million for the company, which first offered the service in July. Bradley Horowitz, vice president of product strategy at Yahoo, said Mybloglog will likely remain branded as a separate entity, but Yahoo users will be able to register on it with their Yahoo password. The reader communities will soon be able to access Yahoo services, like the Flickr photo site or the Yahoo Answers information service, to their groups.
Like the Flickr purchase this is also a smart acquisition by Yahoo. MyBlogLog is a service that is growing in popularity -- it is being added to more and more blogs. We recently added the MyBlogLog widget to this blog. You can see it -- and some of the recent visitors to our blog -- on the right side of the permalinks and the homepage. MyBlogLog also maintains a blog where you can read about new features and problems -- like spam. Spam seems to be the one problem no company can avoid.

Yahoo has also blogged about the MyBlogLog acquisition on Yodel Anecdotal.

Update: MyBlogLog was shut down by Yahoo in May 2011.

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