MyBlogLog Still Independent

Posted on November 20, 2006

The Technology Chronicles, an blog, reports that MyBlogLog has not yet been acquired by Yahoo despite a rumor that TechCrunch started and we helped propagate throughout the Internet.

Despite buzz to the contrary, is not yet the property of serial acquirer Yahoo Inc. This comes straight from Scott Rafer, the former CEO of search engine Feedster and now CEO of the popular blog community tracker.

"We've got a lot of balls in the air at the moment," Rafer said. Rumors that Yahoo was buying MyBlogLog for $10 million have been floating around the blogosphere since the Web 2.0 "summit" earlier this month. MyBlogLog encourages people to build connections and communities around their favorite blogs.

TechCrunch has also updated its original post about the acquisition with the following explanation.
One of Yahoo's PR firms, OutkastPR, emailed us to say that this story is inaccurate, and that Yahoo has not acquired MyBlogLog. We dug a little deeper with some insiders and it appears that Yahoo and MyBlogLog are in very early acquisistion discussions, and nothing more. Founder Scott Rafer was completely silent when asked about the rumors today - suggesting he didn't mind getting all the press attention.
At this time it is unclear whether or not a Yahoo acquisition of MyBlogLog will ever occur. Yahoo really did acquire the Bix contest creation website.

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