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Here are the latest posts about Microsoft on Writers Write:

  • Microsoft and LinkedIn Close Merger Agreement and Reveal Joint Plans (2016-12-12): Microsoft and LinkedIn close the merger agreement and have revealed their joint plans going forward.

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Publish Book With HarperCollins (2016-07-18): Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will publish a book with HarperCollins in Fall 2017.

  • Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn in $26 Billion Deal (2016-06-13): Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn in a deal valued at $26.2 billion.

  • Microsoft Producing TV Shows for Xbox Live (2014-04-07): Microsoft is producing TV shows for the Xbox Live. It already has six shows in production.

  • Microsoft to Acquire Yammer for $1.2 Billion (2012-06-26): Microsoft has announced plans to acquire Yammer, a social networking service for corporations, for $1.

  • Ebook Wars: Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Team Up to Take On Amazon (2012-04-30): Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have teamed up to take on Amazon over ebooks. They plan to create an electronic reading focused subsidiary.

  • Microsoft Launches Engineering Windows 7 Blog (2008-08-23): Microsoft has launched a new blog called Engineering Windows 7.

  • Microsoft Shutting Down Book Search (2008-05-27): The AP reports that Microsoft is shutting down its book scanning operations to focus on other search operations.

  • Microsoft Makes $44.6B Bid for Yahoo (2008-02-01): The big tech news of the day is Microsoft's $44.

  • Microsoft Buys Tiny Stake in Facebook For $240 Million (2007-10-24): The New York Times reports that Microsoft has purchased a 1.

  • Microsoft Launches Hacker Blog (2007-09-01): Computerworld reports that Microsoft has launched a new hackers' blog called hackers @ Microsoft.

  • Bloggers Discuss Windows Vista Launch (2007-01-30): Windows Vista has officially launched for consumers.

  • Wikipedia Doghouse for Microsoft (2007-01-24): Microsoft has tried to buy its way around Wikipedia (or should we say Nofollowpedia).

  • If You Give a Blogger a Laptop (2006-12-27): If you give a blogger a cool Acer Ferrari laptop he or she will love you -- or at least talk about you.

  • Microsoft Forgets About Old MSN Filter Page (2006-10-19): At first glance Microsoft appears to have dumped its MSN Filter blogs when they upgraded live.

  • Microsoft Launches MSN Soapbox (2006-09-21): Microsoft has announced the launch of a video sharing service called MSN Soapbox.

  • MSN Spaces Becomes Windows Live Spaces (2006-08-03): Microsoft has announced the debut of Windows Live Spaces (formerly MSN Spaces).

  • Robert Scoble Leaves Microsoft for (2006-06-11): Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to work at a start-up company called PodTech.

  • Microsoft's JobsBlog Generates Job Leads and Hires (2006-04-04): A post on Microsoft's JobsBlog says that in 2005 nearly 3,000 resumes were submitted because of Microsoft's JobsBlog and of these at least 37 hires were linked directly to submissions from the JobsBlog.

  • New Email Service From Microsoft Provides Blogging Tool (2006-03-10): Betanews.