New Email Service From Microsoft Provides Blogging Tool

Posted on March 10, 2006 says Microsoft has a product in beta-testing called Windows Live Mail Desktop. The new service will offer free email that provides a variety of features including an RSS reader and blogging tools. One of tools, called Blog this, allows bloggers to blog about an RSS entry they have read.

Aside from e-mail, RSS also plays a major role in Windows Live Mail Desktop. The software can serve as a complete RSS reader, enabling users to organize subscriptions using folders, instantly see unread items, and view items in a built-in preview pane.

Users can also click on an RSS item and immediately blog about it using the new "Blog It!" feature.

"Blogging and RSS looks like they're here to stay and phishing is more dangerous than ever. Now is the time to add life back into my favorite free email client and we're injecting a large dose of adrenaline to kick things back up," says Live Mail Desktop developer Lei Gong.

Other improvements being added to the client according to Gong include a redesigned user interface, emoticon and inline spell checking, and automatic syncing with Hotmail contacts.

Vladka Breiburg provides an explanation and screenshot of the Blog It tool on this post on Microsoft's Windows Live Mail Beta blog called More Than Mail.

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