Microsoft Launches MSN Soapbox

Posted on September 21, 2006

Microsoft has announced the launch of a video sharing service called MSN Soapbox. Here are some of the features provided with Soapbox.

  • Easy uploading and sharing of video creations. By providing single-step uploading, background server-side video processing and acceptance of all major digital video formats, Soapbox makes uploading videos a snap.
  • Finding and discovering the most entertaining videos. Viewers can search, browse through 15 categories, find related videos, subscribe to RSS feeds, and share their favorites with their friends - all without interrupting whatever video they are watching.
  • Participation in the Soapbox community. Soapbox users can rate, comment on and tag the videos they view, share links with their friends via e-mail, and include the embeddable Soapbox player directly on their Web site or blog.
  • Those features are typical of most video sharing sites. Rafe Needleman at CNET's Web2.0 blog says Soapbox is dissapointing and not a threat to YouTube yet.

    In sum, Soapbox is disappointing. It's a slightly better sharing service than YouTube in some small technical ways, but it doesn't help users make money from their content like Revver does; it doesn't have granular privacy controls like Vox; it won't post directly into blogs for you like VideoEgg; and it won't show videos from other networks like Yahoo Video. Given Microsoft's position in the video sharing market (dead last), I expected a more aggressive product.

    MSN Soapbox is currently in an invitation beta mode. But you can watch a unique butterfly man disco dance.

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