Microsoft's JobsBlog Generates Job Leads and Hires

Posted on April 4, 2006

A post on Microsoft's JobsBlog says that in 2005 nearly 3,000 resumes were submitted because of Microsoft's JobsBlog and of these at least 37 hires were linked directly to submissions from the JobsBlog.

This number includes blog readers who applied through JobsBlog and were later hired ... Their JobsBlog application is not necessarily the reason they were hired. (The successful attempt could have been, again, a posting, a friend who is an employee, a cold call from a recruiter, etc.) It also only includes people who applied through the blog, so if you read and loved the blog and got hired - but didn't apply through us, you wouldn't be included in this total.

What I do know is this ... Each of these 137 did, at some point in their candidate lifecycle, apply through the blog, and therefore, we can assume they also read our posts and utilized our tips!

It is an interesting post and proof that blogs by employees can motivate people to apply for jobs. Robert Scoble pointed to the JobsBlog link in his entry that asks if you would choose an employer based on whether or not they will let you blog on the job. There is no doubt that some people would prefer to work for a company that lets them blog so this could be a advantange blogging companies have when it comes to recruitment. At a minimum it would be considered a nice job perk.

More information: Inside the Cubicle has a good post about corporate blogging and the difference between corporate and employee blogs.

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