Robert Scoble Leaves Microsoft for

Posted on June 11, 2006

Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to work at a start-up company called Here is an excerpt from the press release from
Robert Scoble says it wasn't a defection. We all know the code words: "left to pursue other opportunities." But in the truest sense of those words, Robert says he leaves Microsoft because his work there was done and he comes to PodTech to participate in a nascent industry that promises to go nova.
Many bloggers are discussing Scoble's departure. There are many posts listed on TechMeme.

Dan Farber at ZDNet points out that Scoble has topped the World Cup in searches on Technorati. Farber asks "what does that say about the Technorati audience?"

Tonight the World Cup is still ranked second to Scoble on Technorati searches but that probably won't last much longer. Scoble has some posts himself about leaving Microsoft here and here.

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