If You Give a Blogger a Laptop

Posted on December 27, 2006

If you give a blogger a cool Acer Ferrari laptop he or she will love you -- or at least talk about you. That seems to be the idea behind Microsoft's recent gift. Microsoft gave an undisclosed number of tech bloggers Acer Ferrari notebooks as part of a Windows Vista promotion.

BL Ochman notes that this was an idea cooked up by Eldeman PR -- the same PR firm that gave us the Walmarting travel flog. Robert Scoble says, "Now THAT is my idea of PayPerPost!" The photo on the top right is a photograph of the laptop that Scott Beale at LaughingSquid received.

There is a comment from Microsoft on a post by Lhong Zeng about the laptops from Microsoft. Laughing Squid included the comment in their post. It says the laptops were "review computers" sent out by Windows Vista and AMD to bloggers. It also says that bloggers can return the laptops, give away the laptops on their blog or keep them.

Note: The title of the post was inspired by Laura Numeroff's children's book, If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

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