Bloggers Discuss Windows Vista Launch

Posted on January 30, 2007

Windows Vista has officially launched for consumers. Pretty much everyone will hear about Vista today or in the coming days thanks to the huge marketing campaign. Bill Gates himself has been making the talk show rounds. He even made an appearance on the Daily Show. After the show he literally bolted out the door to catch a flight to London. Some bloggers might recall a separate Microsoft's Vista campaign a few weeks ago with a much-discussed laptop gift to bloggers. Microsoft's new operating system does not free them from the threat of web-based office software but it should generate a substantial amount of revenue for Microsoft.

Engadget has a roundup linking to a few reviews of Vista. TG Daily says the majority of bloggers are slamming Vista. Slashdot reports that the Vista DRM has already been cracked. The Guardian's Technology blog has a great summary of Bill Gates' Vista marketing message: "it's a revolutionary version of the Windows operating system that's going to take us into the future. Very beautiful, very useable and pretty heavy going on your computer."

Niall Kennedy reports on a lack of lines for Vista in San Francisco -- that also seems to be the case elsewhere. However, there were some lines of freezing geeks in Tokyo.

An entry on HitWise shows how Windows Vista searches have soared. Many of the searches have taken web surfers to Microsoft websites and to the Wikipedia entry. Blog posts have soared as well. Vista's launch is also currently the top story on Techmeme and Megite.

Some tech bloggers and journalists have been covering Vista for the past seveal months -- long before today's launch of Vista for consumers.

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