Microsoft and LinkedIn Close Merger Agreement and Reveal Joint Plans

Posted on December 12, 2016

Microsoft and LinkedIn have closed their merger agreement. The approval by EU regulators marked the final hurdle in the merger of the tech giant and career-focused social network. Now the two companies have to merge together without harming what LinkedIn has built over the past few years.

LinkedIn is the dominant career social network. Many would argue that they have no close rivals as a career social platform although they do compete on some levels with the major social networks and the top job listings sites. A major job site adding social aspects or merging with a social network could potentially become a LinkedIn rival. Microsoft says its top plans is to accelerate the growth at LinkedIn.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted some of the early goals for Microsoft + LinkedIn in a blog post. Here are some of the first integration plans:

Microsoft has competing Office software from other companies, particularly Google, so they have to be sure not to alienate LinkedIn users that use competing products. There are also competing email services to Outlook, such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail. Using LinkedIn to drive traffic to Microsoft's search engine Bing looks like an area that would also be easy to implement and would fall in the "business news desk" section mentioned by Nadella.

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