MSN Spaces Becomes Windows Live Spaces

Posted on August 3, 2006

Microsoft has announced the debut of Windows Live Spaces (formerly MSN Spaces). Microsoft Watch reports that there are bugs and problems in the new service that are irritating customers.

Microsoft officials are working to fix a variety of problems that didn't show up until the service hit production. Among them: performance bottlenecks, HTML rendering issues, Firefox compatibility, and more. No word when Microsoft expects all of the issues to be resolved.
One of the new features are Gadgets, which are customizable add-ons that can be added to a Spaces profile. You can also write your own. You can also view a list of recent updated Spaces profiles.

Windows Live Spaces is also running a promotion called the The Battle for the Ultimate Rock Star Fan. Brooke Burke has a profile there as do several other rocker celebrities.

Microsoft will want to get the bugs ironed out so they can continue their rapid growth. The change should also result in yet another URL change for MSN Spaces customers. There have already been two URL changes.

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