Steven Spielberg's Ghost/UFO Social Network May Launch This Summer

Posted on May 22, 2008

TechCrunch reports that Stephen Spielberg's rumored ghost and ufo social network will be called The Rising.

We originally heard that The Rising is being created in partnership with Windsor Media, Terry Semel's investment firm, but we still haven't gotten confirmation of their involvement. Windsor was created by Semel before he went to Yahoo, was put on hold during his tenure there, and fired up again after his departure last year.

The Rising will have original video content with a permanent host in addition to the social network where users can share stories and experiences, tapping into serious demand for this kind of thing. There are thousands of forums dedicated to paranormal and UFO topics today - among them is, yes, a Meetup site for ghost trackers.

The Rising sounds like a good name to use. It's vague enough to cover both the paranormal and UFOs as well as other unexplained happenings. You don't want to have the problem the Sci Fi Network has - they are trying to expand beyond science fiction but are somewhat limited by the initial name they picked for the channel. TechCrunch says The Rising is rumored to be launching sometime this summer.

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