Spielberg Might Be Planning Social Network About Ghosts and UFOs

Posted on March 4, 2008

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch reports that director Steven Spielberg may be launching a social network focused on ghosts, UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon. Spielberg has directed many films that focus on ghosts and aliens including Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Artificial Intelligence: AI. Spielberg also wrote the screenplay for Poltergeist.

Hollywood super producer Steven Spielberg is preparing to launch a new social network, we've heard from multiple sources. The focus will be on users who've had or who are interested in sharing paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences. The new social network may also have original video content investigating alleged ghost and UFO stories.
Michael Arrington writes that Spielberg has also had a paranormal experience.
Spielberg has apparently had at least one paranormal experience himself. There are stories of him staying in a hotel called Excelsior House and being so frightened by ghosts that he fled the room and moved 20 miles away. We've also heard anecdotes about Spielberg seeing the ghost of a dead relative repeatedly as a child. Whether based in reality or the product of an exceptional imagination, these experiences may have had an impact on his life's work and this upcoming social network.
There are numerous websites and web forums about paranormal and extraterrestrial activity. People interested in this kind of subject matter would likely be interested in a social network that had Spielberg behind it. Gawker filed it under bad ideas but it sure sounds like a more interesting idea than another social network TechCrunch recently mentioned called TotSpot - it's a social network for babies.

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