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Here are the latest posts about Robert Scoble on Writers Write:

  • Print Magazine for Bloggers and Podcasters Launches (2007-04-24): There is a new print magazine called Blogger & Podcaster Magazine.

  • If You Give a Blogger a Laptop (2006-12-27): If you give a blogger a cool Acer Ferrari laptop he or she will love you -- or at least talk about you.

  • Robert Scoble Leaves Microsoft for (2006-06-11): Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to work at a start-up company called PodTech.

  • Those Double-Underlined Words on Blogs (2006-05-22): Robert Scoble has a post that notes the double-underlined words, a form of web advertising, that are starting to appear on some blogs and websites.

  • Five Things That Make a Blog a Blog (2006-05-17): Robert Scoble has made a list of five things blogs need to be a blog.

  • The A-List, Llamas and Brrreeeport Headlines (2006-02-14): Bloggers are testing the blog search engines liked Technorati to see how well they do finding posts that include the text "brrreeeport.

  • Naked Conversation: Blogging the Book (2005-08-08): Shel Israel and Robert Scoble are blogging a book about blogs and corporate communications called the Naked Conversation.