Another URL Change for MSN Spaces Users

Posted on May 23, 2006

The Space Craft reports that MSN Spaces' users will soon be getting new URLS. The new URLs use subdomains and move the name of the blog in front of

This change was also reported on LiveSide where they predict that some MSN Spaces users are going to upset because not only is this the second recent URL change for MSN Spaces but another one will happen when MSN Spaces changes to the URL.

This is the second url change users will have to endure, and it won't be the final. During the 10.5 update earlier this year, the team removed the "/members/" part from blog urls and with the eventual migration of Spaces to the Windows Live platform, the domain will surely move to No doubt there will be important technical reasons which necessitate these changes occuring when they do, however logic would suggest that it would be less confusing for the end users if at least two of the changes occured at the same time. I'm expecting to see some irate Spaces users commenting at the post linked below.
They were right. There are some confused and angry responses from MSN Spaces users in the comments.

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