Media Cynic Page: 2

This is page 2 of the Media Cynic archives.

Kim Jong Un's Baby Photos Released on North Korean State Media (2014-04-27): CNN reports that Kim Jong Un's baby photos were released on North Korean state media.

President Obama Meets Pope Francis at the Vatican (2014-04-02): President Obama met Pope Francis at the Vatican for the first time last week.

SNL Cold Open: President Obama's Social Media Campaign Goes into Overdrive (2014-03-30): In this SNL cold open, President Obama agrees to increasingly silly social media stunts to promote signups.

President Obama Jokes That U.S. is Building Iron Man at Press Conference (2014-02-26): President Obama joked that the U.S. is building Iron Man at a recent press conference. Or maybe he wasn't totally joking?

Congressman Michael Grimm Threatens to Throw Reporter off Balcony at the Capitol Building (2014-01-29): New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm threatens to throw a reporter over the balcony in the Capitol balcony after an interview.

Bill de Blasio is 109th Mayor of New York City (2014-01-02): Bill de Blasio is the 109th Mayor of New York City. He was sworn in by former President Bill Clinton.

Protesters Want NSA To Stop Spying on Public (2013-10-26): Protesters carrying signs with Edward Snowded's photograph rallied near the U.S. Capitol to complain about the NSA's spying program.

Jon Stewart Discusses the Disastrous Rollout of (2013-10-23): Jon Stewart has plenty to say about the disastrous rollout of, the website for Obamcare

Interpol Issues International Wanted Alert for The White Widow (2013-09-26): Interpol has released a wanted alert for the White Widow, British-born Samantha Lewthwaite. She has reportedly been linked to the Kenyan mall account.

CNN's Tom Foreman Describes Possible Targets in Syria if U.S. Strikes (2013-08-28): CNN's Tom Foreman describes possible targets in Syria if U.S. and allies decide to strike.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton Have Lunch at The White House (2013-08-01): President Obama and Hillary Clinton enjoyed a private lunch at The White House

Charles Barkley Talks Media and Racism (2013-07-19): Charles Barkley talks about media and racism and how the media loves stories dealing with racism.

Liz Cheney Announces Senate Bid (2013-07-18): Liz Cheney has announced plans to run for a U.S. Senate seat from Wyoming. She will challenge current Senator Mike Enzi.

Egyptian President Morsi Overthrown as Christian Coptic Pope, Army and Muslim Leaders Address Country Live on TV (2013-07-03): Shocking news today as the army just overthrew Egyptian President Morsi. The Christian Coptic Pope, top Muslim Cleric and Army Chief address country live on tv, all in agreement.

Former President George W. Bush Talks Edward Snowden (2013-07-01): Former President George W. Bush weighs in on Edward Snowden in an interview with CNN.

Governor Chris Christie Kills Spider, PETA Calls it a Thoughtless Act (2013-05-06): New Jersey Governor Chris Christie crushed a spider on a desk during a visit to a fourth grade class and now PETA is angry at him.

Letter Sent to Senator Roger Wicker Contained Ricin (2013-04-16): U.

John Kerry Says Syria Becoming Global Catastrophe (2013-03-19): Secretary of State John Kerry talked about the problems with Syria.

SNL Skit: President Obama Explains the Effects of the Sequester Budget Cuts (2013-03-03): Saturday Night Live opened with a skit about the sequester and who the budget cuts will affect most.

SNL Skit: Marco Rubio Needs a Drink of Water (2013-02-17): SNL took aim at Marco Rubio's infamous water gulping incident with Taran Killam playing Rubio. Watch the hilarious skit!