Egyptian President Morsi Overthrown as Christian Coptic Pope, Army and Muslim Leaders Address Country Live on TV

Posted on July 3, 2013

The Army Chief of the Egyptian military just announced on live Egyptian television that Presient Morsi has been removed as president. The country's unpopular pro-Islamist constitution has been suspended. Chief Justice Adli Mansour has just been named as the Interim President to Egypt. The army is laying out a roadmap for the future of the country. President Mansour will be president for now. There will be new elections and a new constitution will be drafted. The army consulted with the Christian Coptic Pope, Muslim holy leaders, secular leaders and youth activist groups.The Christian Coptic Pope, Pope Tawadrus II, just spoke live on television explaining that all groups will be represented in the new government. It looks like a leader of each group will address the country to show harmony and a sense of unity. Opposition Leader Mohammed El Baradei is now on television explaining that there will be new elections and a new constiution will be created to secure all citizens' rights.

Morsi stubbornly refused to listen to the millions of people protesting against him and the Muslim Brotherhood and now he's out after serving only one year. The Muslim Brotherhood is reportedly shocked at the outpouring of hostility towards them. Analysts are shocked that the top army chief and the top two Christian and Muslim leaders standing together on a stage, all agreeing that Morsi needs to go and that a new government must be formed. It's an astounding turn of events. Crowds in Tahrir Square are celebrating at the news. Things are peaceful for now, and the army has informed Egyptians that no violence will be tolerated. You can watch it unfold live, with commentary in English, at Al-Jazeera here.

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