Media Cynic Page: 3

This is page 3 of the Media Cynic archives.

John Kerry Chokes Up While Giving Farewell Speech to the Senate (2013-01-30): Senator John Kerry said farewell to the Senate today in an hour long speech.

George W. Bush Presidential Center to Open May 1, 2013 (2013-01-19): The George W.

Senator Bill Nelson Hunts Pythons in the Everglades (2013-01-18): Senator Bill Nelson has joined the hunt for pythons in the Everglades.

Bill Clinton Talks Gun Control at CES (2013-01-10): Former President Bill Clinton weighed in on gun control at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday.

Governor Chris Christie Blasts John Boehner for Not Passing Sandy Relief Bill (2013-01-02): New Jersey Governor lit into Speaker of the House John Boehner today.

North Korea Rocket Could Reach West Coast Says CNN (2012-12-12): CNN's Tom Foreman explains how far North Korea's new rocket could travel.

SNL Cold Open: Boehner and Obama Discuss Fiscal Cliff Agreement (2012-12-09): For the Saturday Night Live cold open, President Obama (Jay Pharoah) and John Boehner (Bill Hader) have a press conference to announce a deal on the fiscal talks.

Senator McCain Disturbed by Reports Syria May Soon Use Chemical Weapons (2012-12-07): John McCain is very disturbed by reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad may be about to use chemical weapons.

SNL Cold Open: Obama Romney Town Hall Debate (2012-10-21): Saturday Night Live opened with a skit about the town hall presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

SNL Cold Open: Biden-Ryan Vice Presidential Debate (2012-10-14): The Cold Open for Saturday Night Live last night was a skit about the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam).

Obama Launches Big Bird Ad, PBS Wants it Taken Down (2012-10-09): Mitt Romney said in the first debate that he loves Big Bird, but he would cut funding to PBS.

Romney Says His Campaign is About the 100 Percent (2012-09-19): Mitt Romney said in a video that recently emerged (which was secretly recorded at a fundraiser) - that he believes about 47% of the country will vote for President Obama no matter what.

SNL Cold Open: Jay Pharoah and Jason Sudeikis in Obama Versus Romney (2012-09-16): Fred Armisen has played President Obama on Saturday Night Live for the past few years.

Video: President Obama, Mitt Romney Address Colorado Theater Shooting (2012-07-20): Both President Obama and GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney addressed the horrific shootings at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.

Hilary Clinton Says Assad Needs to Go (2012-06-07): U.

SNL Skit: Al Sharpton Discusses J.P. Morgan Scandal Starring Kenan Thompson and Mick Jagger (2012-05-20): In this Saturday Night Live skit Kenan Thompson is Al Sharpton, the host of Politics Nation.

SNL Cold Open: Joe Biden Chats With His Friend George W. Bush Starring Jason Sudeikis and Will Ferrell (2012-05-14): Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Newt Gingrich Suspends Campaign for President (2012-05-02): Newt Gingrich has officially suspended his campaign to win the GOP nomination for the president in 2012.

President Obama Discusses Secret Service Scandal With Jimmy Fallon (2012-04-25): President Barack Obama was a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show last night.

SNL Cold Open: Mitt Romney Wants to Be Known as the Cat Neutering President (2012-04-09): In the cold open for Saturday Night Live, CPAN ran the best clips of Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney's recent campaign speeches made to various groups across the country.