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Welcome to the Media Cynic column by Caitlyn Rhodes. Here you will find archives of Caitlyn's column covering the media, politics and more.

Donald Trump Blows a Kiss at FBI Director James Comey (2017-01-23): Donald Trump blew a kiss to FBI Director James Comey during their first meeting at The White House. Find out more and watch Comey's reaction to the kiss in the video.

Trump Blocked Twitter CEO from Tech Meeting Over Crooked Hillary Emoji (2016-12-14): Donald Trump and his team reportedly blocked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from its tech meeting in Trump Tower over a failed emoji deal.

Time Magazine Runs Trump Meltdown Cover (2016-08-12): Time magazine has a cover illustrating a Donald Trump meltdown.

SNL Cold Open: Jason Sudeikis Returns as Mitt Romney (2016-03-06): Jason Sudeikis returns as Mitt Romney in hilarious SNL Cold Open. Mittens has a strong message for Donald Trump.

Rand Paul Drops Out of 2016 Presidential Race (2016-02-03): Rand Paul is dropping out of the GOP race to be president. He drops out after receiving 4.5% of the vote in the Iowa caucuses.

Hillary Clinton Named Winner of the Iowa Democratic Caucuses (2016-02-02): Hillary Clinton has officially been named the winner of the Iowa Democratic caucuses.

Lincoln Chafee Drops Out of Democratic Presidential Race (2015-10-24): There is one less contender for president on the Democrat's side. Lincoln Chafee is dropping out.

President Obama Tours Alaska to Shine Spotlight on Climate Change (2015-09-02): President Obama is touring Alaska to shine a spotlight on Climate Change. One of his stops included a melting glacier.

American Train Heroes Receive France's Highest Honor (2015-08-24): Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos receive the Legion d'Honneur for their heroic actions stopping a terrorist attack on a high speed train to Paris.

Donald Trump Gains in New CNN/ORC Poll (2015-08-18): Donald Trump has 24% of the vote in a new CNN/ORC poll. He also has the trust of Republicans on several issues.

Donald Trump Tops New NBC News/WSJ Poll (2015-08-02): Donald Trump is now at the top of a new NBC News/WSJ Poll. He has 19% putting him 4% ahead of Scott Walker.

Hillary Clinton Calls on Congress to Lift Cuba Embargo (2015-08-01): Hillary Clinton called on the trade embargo against Cuba to lifted at a speech on Friday in Florida.

Donald Trump Announces He is Running for President (2015-06-17): Donald Trump wants to be president. He announced his bid to run in the 2016 campaign yesterday.

Laura Bush Named 2015 Wonk of the Year (2015-04-13): Laura Bush has won the 2015 Wonk of the Year award. The award is given by American University.

Smithsonian Creates 3-D Portrait of President Obama (2014-12-10): President Obama is the first president to be scanned in 3D. The portrait is now on display at the Smithsonian Castle.

Former President George W. Bush Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, Challenges Bill Clinton (2014-08-20): Former President George W. Bush takes the ALS ice bucket challenge in hilarious video shot in Maine. Laura Bush also makes an appearance.

Nick Offerman's Monologue at the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner (2014-06-14): Nick Offerman's monologue at the 70th annual Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C. featured a refresher on the Bill of Rights.

The CIA Joins Twitter and Youtube (2014-06-06): The CIA has launched a new Twitter account and its first tweet is pretty funny. It's also launched a Youtube channel and will be participating in Throwback Thursday photos.

Clay Aiken's Primary Opponent in Democractic Congressional Race Dies (2014-05-12): Clay Aiken's primary opponent in the North Carolina Democractic congressional race has died.

Vice President Joe Biden Joins Instagram (2014-05-03): Joe Biden officially joined Instagram in April. He has been sharing personal photographs and selfies.