Congressman Michael Grimm Threatens to Throw Reporter off Balcony at the Capitol Building

Posted on January 29, 2014

New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm is in the news today after he threatened to throw a reporter from NY1 over a balcony in the US Capitol. The reporter was talking to Congressman Grimm about the State of the Union speech and then asked him about campaign finance allegations against him. Grimm became furious and refused to talk about the issue and walked off camera. The reporter noted that Grimm refused to speak about the allegations. At that point Grimm lost it, walked back into the camera shot, pulled the reporter aside and threatened to hurl him off the balcony.

The reporter was quite mild mannered, there was absolutely no provocation. And even if there was provocation, it's still not acceptable to threaten physical violence. Grimm clearly has some real problems. It's pretty unbelievable. Take a look:

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