Instablog Launch Includes Gadget Blog

Posted on October 7, 2005

Instablogs, a blog network based in India, has launched its new blog network debuting with over 40 blogs. The network offers a wide variety of blogs including Beachster, Enflower, The Muslim Woman and Instacritic. Instablogs has posted a round-up of mostly negative comments about their launch from around the blogosphere in a recent blog post.

Instablogs launch also includes yet another gadget blog called Gizmowatch. Was this the first new gadget blog launch since we asked who would launch a gadget blog next back in this post from August, 2005? No, because it appears the Fine Fools new blog network also has a gadget blog called Gardgy and the B5 Media new blog network has one called Cooking Gadgets. So, launching gadget blogs must still be a good idea even though there are already a gazillion of them? Maybe someone will launch an entire blog network full of just gadget blogs? Let us hope so.

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