When Will The Next Gadget Blog Launch?

Posted on August 14, 2005

Is the Internet saturated with gadget blogs? At least a month or so has gone by since the last major gadget blog launched -- Gadgetizer launched in late July. And sadly, the Gadget Blog Directory has not been updated since July. However, Joi Ito recently updated his personal gadget blog for the first time in a month (to tell us about his new Seiko Prospex SBDR001) so maybe there is still hope for gadget blogs after all.

Gadget lovers yearning for the next gadget blog launch might try one of the gadget blog directories and discover an older gadget blog to get their gadget fix. Many of us using the Internet are gadget obsessed and so we need there to be as many gadget blogs as possible. More gadget blogs must be launched soon!

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